Über uns


Oktober 2010

Gründung der Firma Alpha Orchids in Topfpflanzen Cambria

(Bild: AK48 Milmiltonia Sunset Hybrid)

2010 – 2012

Verschiedene Orchideen werden getestet um die Blüte und Blütezeit kontrollieren zu können, die ersten Mutterpflanzen werden im Zuchtbestand aufgenommen

(Bild: AK192 Promenaea Hybrid)


Die ersten Kreuzungen werden ausgeführt & die ersten Samenkapseln sind ausgesäht in verschiedene Labore

(Bild: das erste Zuchtergebniss aus 2012; A17 blühende Sämlinge)


Die ersten Sämlinge sind zurück in der Gärtnerei; die Selektion hat angefangen

(Bild: AK183 Odontocidium Hybrid)
of the first varieties for mericlones, called AK (Alpha Kloon)


Zusammenarbeit mit andere, Deutsche Orchideen Gärtner resultiert in der Selektion der ersten AK Meristemen

(Bild: AK25 Zygopetalum Hybrid)


Die ersten AK Meristemen sind zurück in der Gärtnerei

(Bild: AK2 Odontocidium Hybrid)


Alpha Orchids wird zu Alpha Orchids Breeding

Anfang des Master Studiens Pflanzenzucht an der WUR, Wageningen Universität & Research in die Niederlande

(Bild: AK255 Odontonia Hybrid)


das erste, völlig selbst gezüchtete Alpha Meristem (AK Alpha Klon) ist in der Gärtnerei pikiert worden

(Bild: AK99 Odontocidium Hybrid)


über 400 Samenkapseln sind bislang in den Labore eingesetzt worden, Meristem AK330 ist ein Fakt!

(Bild: AK123 Odontocidium Hybrid)
2019 onwards

2019 und weiter…

viele neue, exklusive Orchideen werden noch selektiert und entdeckt…!

(Bild: AK330 Zygopetalum Hybrid)

About me -extended version-

During my studies Agribusiness & Management at Larenstein Agricultural College in The Netherlands, I spent a lot of time abroad for placements and studies, all part of my Bachelor. A placement in Germany at the company Orchideen Holm, resulted in my first job as a representative of the firm. After 5 years working there, I felt it was time to start up a business of my own, in Orchids.

October 2010 Alpha Orchids was then set up nearby Nijmegen in The Netherlands, where a small greenhouse department of 500m² was rented. Assisted by my parents, the company first focussed at the production of pot plant Orchids. One of the aims was to find out how certain varieties could be forced to flower in a controlled manner. I succeeded in this for Promenaea hybrids and the Milmiltonia Sunset, which resulted in 2 commercial interesting varieties, today still produced by some of my clients in Europe.

I also acquired other “Cambria” varieties from several existing orchid breeders. Once in flower I made a few crossings at the beginning of 2012, just for fun. Surprisingly some succeeded and the joy of it made me cross breed (a lot) more. I started collecting more mother stock material and I created a vision of a whole new “Cambria” range of orchids for the future. Nevertheless, many crossings did not succeed, so my curiosity forced me to find out what the reason for failure was. I dug deeper and deeper and finally I decided to start a Master in Plant Breeding at Wageningen University. By that time, the first seedling lots were coming back from the laboratories; selection had seriously begun.

Over the years it seemed to be more lucrative for a small company like mine, to produce young plants instead of pot plants, this is why the core business shifted to young plant production for my clients in Europe. Finally in 2016, due to my expanding family and start of the Master Plant Breeding, I decided to cease all commercial production and to focus only on breeding of orchids from temperate climate regions.

Now in 2018, I am proud to say to have already developed a nice range of exclusive orchid varieties in Zygopetalum, Promenaea, Oncidinae & Odontoglossum interhybrids and more!

Soon the number of crossings will exceed 4.000 and the number of test mericlones for commercial production is at AK342 and counting. Around 10 varieties are now in transition from test clone to commercial production clone, all to be protected by breeders‘ rights. The coming 2 years I expect to triple the number of new, exclusive orchid varieties and take a substantial part of the markets‘ segment.

My aim is to continue develop my exclusive orchid range in many different ways and directions, including breeding in Odontoglossum- Oncidinae interhybrids, Promenaea, Epidendrum radicans, Brassia, Cattleya, Dendrobium, Zygopetalum, some botanical hybrids and more. The varieties are meant for commercial pot plant production and should withstand the high demands of growing orchids nowadays, nevertheless not loosing eye on the final end consumer and its wishes. I expect that this refreshing range of new exclusive orchids will cause a small revolution in its segment, something that has been awaited for a long time, to my opinion.

Getting there is not possible without a solid and found collaboration with several laboratories and of course my clients. A common approach and sharing information is key in this process to also lift this segment up to a higher base. Therefore, in 2017 I started a close collaboration with the company Lansbergen Orchidee from De Lier in The Netherlands. Here, all orchids -seedlings and mericlones- are grown by professionals and screened by multiple eyes before they are finally selected by me for commercial production.

Please have a look at the varieties at this website and see if there are any of your interest.